Recruitment positions:
Sourcing specialists
Technical recruiters

Technical positions:
DevOps / Cloud Engineers, part time, must have Irish citizenship or work permit
L3 support specialists on mobile – full time, fully remote, Romania based
Apple store expert – project based (short term)
UI/UX designers – full time, fully remote, mobile experience required, EU based

Only Romania based:
.NET engineers
ETL developers
UNIX infrastructure engineers
Oracle Database Administrators – senior
Wintel engineers
Java engineers
QA engineers – automation
Technical Analysts
DevOps engineers – Finance & Risk Area
Feature engineers
Scala engineers
Mobile developers
Infrastructure engineers – Windows
Unified Configuration Tool engineers
AutoSec developers
RadarSDK engineers
Real Time Virtualization developers
AI / ML Edge Computing Software engineers
Automotive – Linux developers
Signal Processing Firmware development engineers
Microsoft Endpoint Manager analysts
Linux developers
Visual Studio Code developers
Project managers
Network admins
Product owners

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