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From sourcing to hiring, Monkey Recruit can take care of all your worries.

What we can do for you

Our team handles all the needs you have from preparing the job descriptions and sourcing the best candidates to interviews, offers and agreement signing.

We accommodate our clients’ needs and work in an Agile way, adapting to changes and requirements updates constantly.

About Us

Monkey Recruit is a team of recruiters, marketing, product and project managers, aiding clients from all over the world with their recruitment needs, no matter the roles, since 2018.

We’re a dynamic team, handling multiple projects at once, with different needs and deadlines. Setting correct expectations is something that matters a lot to us.

You can get candidates who fit your job requirements in maximum two weeks from signing the agreement, carefully chosen based on your needs, expectations and budget.

Besides recruitment, we can also help out with multiple other services regarding human resources, marketing, product and project management, and general admin duties. If we can’t do it, we will make sure to find someone who can for you.


Recruitment (personalised headhunting)

We handle everything from creating the job description and sourcing the perfect candidates to signing the agreement with the selected team members.

The list of recruitment services contains:

  • creation of the job description based on requirements received from the client and discussions kept with their team;
  • sourcing candidates on different platforms depending on the project needs;
  • handling the first interviews and selecting the best candidates for the openings discussed with the client;
  • sourcing candidates on different platforms depending on the project needs;
  • handling the first interviews and selecting the best candidates for the openings discussed with the client;
  • creating a shortlist of at least 3 candidates for each position in maximum two weeks from singing the agreement with us;
  • setting up second interviews and handling testings for the client;
  • sending offer and rejection letters;
  • facilitating the contract signing between the client and the candidate;
  • following up with the client and the hired candidate to make sure things go smoothly during the warranty period of 90 days.

Product and Project management

Some projects need an extra pair of eyes or hands on deck to help keep things on track. From a bit of simple project management help during the warranty period, to extended help throughout the collaboration with the candidate hired through us, we handle organising tasks, prioritising them with the team and/or stakeholders, and managing the resources, tools and time spent on tasks.

Adaptable HR Partnerships

If you’re a growing company or just don’t have enough work volume to hire a full time in-house recruiter or HR professional, we can cover your HR needs based on simple subscriptions – you can opt for our hourly engagement or a limited amount of hours per week/month.

Admin help

If you’re looking to build out a hub, organise events or manage the contracts and culture of your team, we can help out with these too.
From finding the perfect location for your HQ or hub, handling the processes for newly created startups or just getting your team to great teambuilding locations, we can adapt to any needs you have. Shoot us a message and we’ll do our very best to come up with a solution.


We’re partners with a lot of development teams, capable to fully take your idea and transform it into a product. And, as a bonus, you’ll have someone from our side to keep an eye on everything as the collaboration progresses.

Resumes review

This is a service created for the candidates: if you’re wondering why you’re not being hired or just want a recruiter to take another look at your resume, we’re here for you, ready to review and offer feedback.

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