Senior Data engineer

For one of our clients, we’re looking for Senior Data engineers.

Client: Romanian outsourcer.
End client domain: Digital services company.
Type of engagement: full time, remote, ongoing
Type of contract accepted: employment (CIM), collaboration (SRL).


  • Ensure a well-designed data model where changes are managed and coordinated across the system
  • Create an efficient data warehousing system with BI tool integration
  • Engineer solutions to speed up data processing, increase scale and optimize for cost
  • Design and deliver data migrations from complex legacy platforms to new formats
  • Develop a compliant data lifecycle spanning multiple storage technologies
  • Integrate with AI & Data Science teams
  • Deliver quality code and create full documentation, including flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments, and clear code, for all developed solutions
  • Share knowledge, guide the teams and the wider engineering community


  • 4+years of experience
  • Cassandra & other columnar stores, e.g. BigQuery or RedShift
  • Elasticsearch or Solr
  • Relational databases, such as MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Apache Spark, or similar
  • Cloud ETL & Data Warehouses, e.g. Airflow
  • Cloud Hosting with AWS
  • Queuing and streaming with RabbitMQ and Kafka
  • Python
  • ORM
  • Schema definitions, e.g. Avro
  • Non-relational databases such as Redis or MongoDB
  • Source Control and CI/CD systems, such as Git
  • Engineering Practices, such as TDD and continuous integration
  • Jira and Confluence
  • Technical documentation, such as coding styles, branching strategies, and functional specifications
  • Automated enforcement of policies (e.g. linting, static analysis, stylecop)
  • Agile development practices and continuous improvement
  • Adopter of Open Source and awareness of intellectual property concerns
  • Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Data Science, or a similar field

Do you fit the profile? Contact us via email at contact [AT] or through the following form: