Scala Engineer

For one of our Romanian clients, we’re looking for Scala Engineers.

Client: Personnel leasing.
Location: Bucharest, Romania.
Type of engagement: full time, hybrid/on-site, ongoing
Type of contract accepted: employment (CIM), collaboration (SRL).

About the team:
Our team is positioned well to disrupt towards the lean enterprise and prove that modern technologies and methodologies are feasible even for large organizations, while developing a solution that will sit at the core of payments processing in a multitude of countries, and we are looking for like minded professionals who would take pride in such achievements, while enjoying a strong chance to become client’s next thought leaders in the Reactive Architectures and Functional programming space on an international scale.

About the role
Some of the competencies required for this role would include:
• Solid understanding of Scala or other functional programming languages
• The strong foundational knowledge and ability to adapt to new technologies and paradigms that are often found in development experts are considered more important than most missing nice to haves in this list
• Experience working with the JVM
• Experience building high throughput, low latency, real time, scalable & resilient systems
• Experience with Typelevel Cats, Akka, Akka Streams, Docker, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Azure Devops, SQL Server, Kafka, Cassandra, Linux a big plus
• Experience working within Continuous Delivery or Continuous Deployment processes
• Understanding of the benefits of testing & discipline towards these practices
• Good communication skills, awareness towards emotional intelligence factors and excellent ability to speak & write English

Do you fit the profile? Contact us via email at contact [AT] or through the following form: